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Monday :: Oct 20, 2014

Just Do It

by Deacon Blues

There’s no reason to pussyfoot around about what’s happening politically right now in this country, so let’s cut to the chase. The GOP has no ideas or solutions, and was deathly afraid to defend their record and rhetoric and fend off a populist Democratic message. So in true Rovian fashion, when in a weak spot, attack.

In the GOP’s case, this means scare the elderly white people.

Whether it be scaring the elderly white people with the brown kids assaulting our border from the south (the first scare), or scaring them with the Islamic terrorists from ISIS (the second scare), or now scaring the elderly white people with Ebola from the Africans, the playbook is the same, and quite predictable. Use a race-based fear campaign to agitate the GOP base and avoid defending your racism, sexism, and selling out of Main Street to Wall Street elites. And then count on your Supreme Court-sanctioned voter suppression efforts to enable the same scared elderly white minority to destroy this democracy for another campaign cycle.

What’s more depressing is that the Democrats and this White House don’t have the balls to call this out for what it is. Well, the Democrats have several weeks left to take off the gloves and take the GOP to the woodshed, which is what Elizabeth Warren is doing in selected races around the country now. But I'd go a step farther than Warren and confront the GOP directly on their solutions-free fear campaign, and the "whiteness" of their strategy. Ask voters "Whatever happened to those thousands of Central American kids who were storming our border and causing a national security crisis? Whatever happened to those hundreds of ISIS fighters who were coming across our border to attack us? Whatever happened to those thousands of Africans streaming into our country to infect us from sea to shining sea? Notice anything about all of those bogeymen? Well, we’re all still here, there’s no epidemic, and the Republicans still have no solutions, only scare tactics. Too bad they can't be scared into voting for higher wages, better jobs, and equal rights under the law."

Call it out and shine a light on the fear-mongering, the racism, and the lack of solutions.

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Friday :: Oct 17, 2014

Another Tone Deaf Choice

by Deacon Blues

Naming a political hack as your Ebola "czar", rather than a nationally-respected medical professional is not the way to calm the public's fears. Yet I expected nothing more from this administration.

Really, Ron Klain is the guy you came up with? I'm sure he'll command the respect of hospitals and public health systems around the country.

Based on this type of decision-making, I guess we can expect some other political hack for the new AG now rather than someone with bipartisan respect.

Democrats need to distance themselves from the administration on Ebola, because they can't afford to be yoked any longer to just another example of Obama indecisiveness and eventual caving.

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Monday :: Oct 6, 2014

Same-Sex Marriage and 2014

by Deacon Blues

To the surprise of many, the Supreme Court today started its new term by refusing to act upon lower-court rejections of same-sex marriage bans. By not taking up even one challenge of the potential cases before them, the court let stand circuit court rulings against state bans on same-sex marriage, thereby allowing the lower-court rulings to take effect and enable same-sex marriage in the states affected.

The conventional wisdom amongst court observers is that the Court felt it unnecessary to weigh in on the matter when all circuit court cases to date have agreed that such bans are unconstitutional. Under this thinking, once a conservative circuit goes against the consensus so far and issues a ruling supporting a state's ban on same-sex marriage, then the Court will take up that case and rule. Since some of the circuits yet to decide are conservative districts, it can be assumed that today's actions will only encourage right-wing judicial activism on that circuit or circuits, and a case or cases will make their way to the SCOTUS perhaps for the next session.

But today's decisions also make it clear that the justices weren't sure they had the votes to rule against same-sex marriage. It takes four votes amongst the nine justices to have a case scheduled for the court's docket in that session. Today's action means that there wasn't at least four conservatives who wanted to consider overturning the lower court rulings (liberals had no reason to want the cases heard since all lower-court decisions so far had sided with same-sex marriage).

And if you wanted to know what spark could drive gay voters to the polls next month to vote for Democratic senators, you just saw it.

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Thursday :: Oct 2, 2014

Paul Stokes Fear Over Ebola

by Deacon Blues

For Rand Paul to align himself with crackpot Louis Gohmert and spread fear and hysteria about our efforts to deal with the Ebola crisis in Africa only shows that the man has no business being a serious presidential candidate. He, like Gohmert, would however make a good carnival barker.

Gohmert can be excused because he is a laughingstock that deserves to be representing Texas. Paul is a healthcare professional, who should know better.

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Wednesday :: Oct 1, 2014

An Immediate Defense?

by Deacon Blues

Yes, I am greatly alarmed at the news about ongoing Secret Service security breaches over the last several years, at a time when this president has encountered vastly more threats than his predecessors. But I am also alarmed frankly at the default position of this White House to immediately and publicly support the Secret Service director in the midst of yesterday’s congressional debacle.

Exactly how shaky are things inside the Service and inside the White House that such assurances are necessary?

Update: So why give such an immediate defense if she resigned anyway? Why did the White House make itself look stupid by coming out to defend her earlier in the day if it was already in the works that she was on her way out?

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