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Monday :: Nov 23, 2020

Election 2020, Liberal Backlash or Conservative Endorsement?

by paradox

When we vote, we win has always been a cornerstone of liberal activism, and although literally true for Election 2020 one of the nasty shocks for the left is that the Republicans pulled it off too, there was in fact a big pool of potential conservative voters out there and they got them.

So much of results can be felt through the setup of expectations, the pathetic polling industry missed Election 2020 by a country mile, there was a liberal win here all right but nothing like a wipeout with serious setbacks and disappointments everywhere.

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Friday :: Nov 20, 2020

The Economy Needs a President Too

by paradox

I went shopping at the local Costco yesterday and got immensely discouraged, all the cleaning products, paper towels and toilet paper had been stripped. Oh my god it’s happening again, the covid-19 panic is on, cases are surging everywhere, businesses are closing down, Thanksgiving ruined with stay-at-home orders.

A long slow dread crept upon me and surely among many others that the Spring ordeal of shutdown had been simply wasted, that funhouse was merely a slight introduction to the real horror show that’s about to engulf us: a restaurant industry smashed and giving up, hospitals overrun and stuffed with dying patients that’s killing and crushing our health care corps, rampant unemployment everywhere.

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Wednesday :: Nov 18, 2020

Both Sides Would Never Obstruct a National Election

by paradox

Someday the Democratic Party base will accept the results of Election 2020, shoulder life as best we can knowing the alternative is far worse and cheer up, soon the worst President we have ever had will finally be gone and to stay beaten down is to give up, that doesn’t square with any of the Democrats I know.

Yet today, November 18th, the election hangover is still very much on, ugh, there was so much hope in what could be done, a horribly stinging rebuke in too-much acceptance of Trump, and a queasy knowledge a heralding call to make the liberals cry really worked, that reason alone obviously motivated tens of millions of voters. In San Francisco there are 30,000 registered Republicans, yet Trump got 55,000 votes.

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Monday :: Nov 16, 2020

Is Immunity from Prosecution for Peaceful Transfer a Good Idea?

by paradox

In a faintly nauseating way President Trump has given American political science junkies an interesting question: is his refusal to accept Election 2020 defeat a crisis, and if so, how great a one?

I and most political observers would state certainly yes, in this particular evolution not in the danger President Trump can steal it and stay, but in that by railing the election was rigged President Trump obviously de-legitimizes it. Legitimate elections and peaceful transfer are a massively huge deal for American democracy, without them elections won’t work, Trump is wrecking the Great American Experiment right at this moment.

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Friday :: Nov 13, 2020

Liberalism Needs to Deliver to the Little People

by paradox

I have never seen a Party so unhappy after winning, Nate Silver recently remarked on Twitter, partly a phenomenon of Democrats putting up with a too-long wait for results, a nasty shock of Republican participation, and that WATB President still not conceding.

Most of the serious unease, however, arises from the blithe acceptance of 70 million voters to easily the worst President of all time--the gross malfeasance, the trashing of alliances, the constant lying, being Putin’s puppet--none of that truly mattered as long as their guy was a force against us, the liberals.

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Wednesday :: Nov 11, 2020

The Coup is On // Oh Chill Out

by paradox

You’ll have to forgive the little people for “becoming increasingly agitated,” as a Washington Post sub-headline proclaimed, for experiencing total exasperation with the enraging election mess in DC. Professional politically qualified voices seriously proclaim a coup and theft of the election is on, while equally qualified voices say President Trump is a clown who couldn’t possibly pull it off.

Whatever is the correct reality underlying it all is a complete sickening knowledge the Republicans have done it again, they’ve smashed a cherished American democracy institution and potentially caused horrifying trouble. Democrats faithfully abide by election results and would never, ever behave like this, are you still with us now with your both sides feces, American journalism corps?

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Tuesday :: Nov 10, 2020

What Precise Law Enforcement Agency Evicts Trump from the White House?

by paradox

President Trump is trying to steal Election 2020, and don’t look askance at that truth because it comes from a liberal, learned reporter Greg Sargent at the mainstream Washington Post tweeted precisely the same thing yesterday.

Just unpack the situation a little, President Trump completely, obviously lost Election 2020, it’s not remotely close, yet he refuses to concede. Not only that, he files legal challenges in every contested State and caused a huge uproar yesterday when he enlisted the Justice Department to investigate election “irregularities.”

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Monday :: Nov 9, 2020

Trump’s Attempted Coup Continues, GSA Won’t Sign Over Transition

by paradox

I was surprised Saturday to see Ezra Klein of Vox describe the Trump administration reaction to the Election 2020 loss as a “coup.” He’s perfectly correct, of course, but in the Beltway waters Ezra swims in such blunt savage language of American failure is recoiled from in pearl-clutching horror, America is never described in such ghastly terms, it’s why our lousy journalism corps hated the word fascist when describing our Benito-wannabe President Trump.

Again, President Trump made it perfectly clear in his dictator-like behavior that if he could have outright stolen Election 2020 he certainly would have. Given that he couldn’t, naturally he did everything possible to blow it up with obstruction. When that doesn’t work, what to do? Ignore it.

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Saturday :: Nov 7, 2020

Election 2020 America Journalism Corps Grade: C-

by paradox

Before our erstwhile journalism cousins look askew at the grade above at least they can take small comfort in their improvement from 2016, where they earned a flaming email F for the ages.

Of course this is assuming one penetrates the mantle of snotty arrogance in editing offices and boardrooms that they have a problem at all, which can be a pretty tall leap for our bunch a yapping journalism dachshunds hopping in their Beltway pack of corporate irrelevance.

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