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Wednesday :: Sep 30, 2020

110 Days Until President Biden Normalcy

by paradox

I generally don’t like Presidential debates, I don’t think a confrontational personal format is exactly a good representation of politics, and the following political media yap is excruciating, every hack available comes out of the woodwork to yell on teevee, inevitably regressing into some pearl-clutching hissy fit.

Last night’s debate was easily one of the worst horrifying experiences I have ever had in American politics. If there was any solace at all in the mayhem it was the constant background knowledge Trump is getting smashed at the polls and is going to get crushed.

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Wednesday :: Sep 23, 2020

Zero-Emission, Hydrogen Concept Designs from Airbus

by paradox

One of the more dismaying and persistent responses to the change need of the climate crisis is that it will wreck the economy, the disruption too great and the end result woefully short of internal combustion performance.

It’s total hooey, what this answer represents is fear of the status quo being smashed apart, and oh yes abandoning gasoline, diesel and kerosene internal combustion certainly does that. In many good ways.

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Monday :: Sep 21, 2020

2021: Democratic Party Transformed

by paradox

I suppose it was rather obvious after my last work that I haven’t forgotten and am still upset at 2008-2010 Democratic Party performance failure. We had complete control and flopped the economic stimulus while grinding the base to dust passing that excruciating Mitt Romney health care plan.

The historical record on that failure speaks for itself, I find it amusing it’s somehow supposed to be all hush-hush during an election. That’s a rule, failure silence? Well excuse me while I languidly break it, many signs point to a unified government Democratic Party for 2021 and not only do we have to learn from 2008-2010, I’m not going through it as a good liberal again, just forget it.

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Wednesday :: Sep 16, 2020

Covid-19 State Relief Could Arrive Late January 2021

by paradox

As no national covid-19 testing is put in place, as weary students and angry parents take up yet another ridiculous on-line semester, and as the food banks are always overwhelmed it’s beginning to dawn on the entire populace that as long as that orange Putin puppet is President no progress will occur battling covid-19, nothing, nowhere, just more lying and death.

Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi has bravely proclaimed the House will remain in session until Congress passes the CARES act, but—never any disrespect to Madame Speaker—this is a small move, all she had, likely to be ignored by the monstrous Republican enablers in the Senate. We shall see, but it doesn’t look good.

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Monday :: Sep 14, 2020

Take a Look Out West, Ford Motor Company

by paradox

It is a very difficult time to be on the west coast right now with all the pandemic and economic upheaval, things so very askew, our basic biology then getting flipped into big trouble. The sky is not blue and the air not safe to breathe, terrible stories of death and destruction everywhere in a growing soft roar of dread.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, five years taken off his life trying to deal with the last one, desperately tweeted CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL! before signing a firefighting bill. No disrespect to Governor Newsom, but this is the same tired statement of truth we got from the Obama era, yes aren’t we good liberals and environmentalists for knowing climate change is real, but what are we going to do then?

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