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Friday :: Mar 15, 2019

Taking the Non-Impeachment News Hard

by paradox

I began the process of purging my Twitter account of 95% of its political input yesterday, the political news has been such a daily hammer blow for so long I hit a wall, there’s only so much terrible news I can stuff into my head without something going seriously wrong.

It’s not hyperbole, for a long, long time I’ve had a serious neurological issue that got me really sick. It’s faded out, thank all the stars in the universe, but I still have to be careful and I’m weary of provoking it with the uproar of seeing the government of the United States go down in such a putrid, weak splat.

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Saturday :: Mar 9, 2019

Welcome to the Abyss

by paradox

One of the greatest fears for many Americans is unemployment, not necessarily that they’ll never work again after losing a job, what frightens them is the precipice of black unknown uncertainty, lose your job and with enough time terrible forces totally beyond your control will tumble your life into the abyss and smash it on the way down.

Maybe parts of it will be recognizable when the descent finally stops, maybe things will be obliterated beyond recognition. It’s that terrible certainty and fear that whatever happens it will not be good, likely catastrophic. Unfortunately many of us have been cast into the abyss in our life of American bliss, it’s a terrible event in multiple dimensions, truly frightening and appalling to watch it happen on a national scale with our country.

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Thursday :: Mar 7, 2019

There is No Secretary of Defense

by paradox

If there has ever been a value or political credo clung to more fiercely by a political Party one could hardly find a more fervent example than defense/national security and the US Republican Party. Republicans are classic authoritarians, it isn’t surprising they’d want the projection and mantle of physical force/violence, coercion, patriarchy, and fear.

The United States defense budget is a bloated, wrecked whale of horrendous waste, graft and overkill but Republicans always want more. Along with the grim knowledge the US security apparatus can employ any surveillance on any citizen for any reason, weary Americans can now look forward to the brightening of their lives and progression of the nation with a shiny new Space Force.

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Friday :: Mar 1, 2019

It is Getting to Be a Bit Much

by paradox

In the last 72 hours the United States populace has had to watch its stupid, criminal President horribly bungle an alleged diplomatic attempt with another small-mined despot, witness his personal lawyer precisely outline serious crimes before Congress, see the vote on his Benito border wall power grab, and learn he personally overrode his intelligence community to give a security clearance to his lying dumb son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

-uck it,” spat the usually indomitable Digby of Hullabaloo on Twitter last night, she will come around to reliably watch and observe again, of course, but when Digby gets discouraged you know things are really bad.

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