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Saturday :: Jun 16, 2018

SHOCKING: Wages Falling in Booming Economy

by paradox

In what has become a very depressing all-too-familiar story the Bureau of Labor Statistics posted hourly earning statistics yesterday, starkly revealing the failure of American capitalism in falling wages for “production and nonsupervisory” workers, 4/5ths of the American workforce.

An equally grave phenomena occurred in the “reporting” of this story in the Washington Post. In this space for truth and honesty the wage issue will be examined first, then the atrocious mangling and obfuscation of the truth by esteemed members of the American journalism corps.

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Thursday :: Jun 14, 2018

Branding the New Flavor of American Fascism

by paradox

Back in the days of the cold war when at least two armored American divisions where on instant alert in the Fulda Gap to stop a Russian invasion, political junkies would occasionally ponder the different sects of communism—Russian, Cuban, Vietnamese—and how they might evolve in the modern world.

Way back in the day there used to be another form of very bad human government, fascism, and it too had its homegrown distinctions: German, Italian, and some ersatz wannabes in South America. One could look back in history and generalize the communism and fascism but there was always the knowledge each country had its own distinct flavor and implementation.

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