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Friday :: Feb 22, 2019

Conservative Obsession With AOC Rages On

by paradox

I was looking forward to writing about one of the best stories of the century this morning—Republicans are finally going to have to put their American souls on the line early next month with the Senate national emergency vote—but, alas, yet again a ranting obsessed conservative writer attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the Washington Post, yet again meriting a response.

This time it’s Marc Thiessen, haplessly hacking away with his obsession while frankly admitting it, completely omitting why “leftist” writers are complaining about it.

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Wednesday :: Feb 20, 2019

House Should Ramp Up Trump Investigations Faster

by paradox

“The system is broken,” Peter Daou lamented on Twitter a few weeks ago, noting that in the continuous uproar of Trump felonies and impeachable offenses nothing happens, everyone knows the Republicans wouldn’t give a damn about “divisive” elements or Senate failure if the Republicans owned the House with a Democratic felon President, they would have started impeachment January 15th.

“I am getting a wee bit impatient,” vociferous Tweeter Rob Reiner said yesterday, chafing at all the seeming inaction as the Democracy goes up in flames, how could it be in all the conflagration there is no Democratic or Special Counsel response?

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Friday :: Feb 15, 2019

Marc Thiessen Attempts an Attack on AOC

by paradox

Another day, another alleged conservative writer attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the Washington Post and the Green New Deal. Wednesday it was Megan McArdle, today it’s Marc Thiessen writing an ugly splat of defiance, ignorance and contempt that again merits a response.

Before beginning its imperative to firmly keep in mind Thiessen and his conservative tribe have done nothing, proposed nothing at all to combat climate change. One can have a base respect for the conservative pillar of maintaining the status quo, but Thiessen and the mental clowns he hangs with have ridiculed science, knowledge and reason in a pathetic, limp attempt at denial of the obvious to do so.

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Thursday :: Feb 14, 2019

Impeachable Offenses Need Not Be Violations of Criminal Code

by paradox

Rolling through my Twitter timeline weeks ago the point was passed on by Digby of Hullabaloo, with the lamentable observation few members of the press or even Congress are cognizant of the fact. What she meant was that impeaching a President need not rely on violations or criminal or civic code, a hopeless tangle of waiting and hazy ambiguity, it can easily be triggered by actions no legislature ever thought necessary to write a law for.

[opens hands] This is not an examination or criticism of not impeaching Trump, that ship of No has steamed, but since that course has been set now we get to watch in real time how a Russian asset rogue idiot President behaves when he realizes he won’t even be impeached for his numerous heinous crimes, let alone convicted. It was and is a risk that got too little attention.

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Wednesday :: Feb 13, 2019

No, AOC Didn’t Gaslight Us Over the Green New Deal

by paradox

There is a strange, furtive political creature often to be found among us these days in social and traditional media, an angry, accusatory persona flinging dictums and advice from an absurd perch of former conservatism, attempting poorly to somehow transform themselves into liberal policy scolds.

Behold the Never-Trumpers, Republicans and conservative media writers who never endorsed Trump and now routinely bash him whenever they can. Insulated from vicious political forces in the racist, authoritarian Republican base, they haplessly yearn for an honest Republican Party that’s been obliterated, sure when the nightmare is over Republicans can be a real political force again, not just a surrogacy of Vladimir Putin.

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