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Tuesday :: Oct 15, 2019

Be Prepared for the Very Worst at Any Moment

by paradox

Very soon—if not this very day—it will become widespread accepted political knowledge in the United States that President Trump is an obvious Russian asset to the authoritarian thug Putin. Horrified citizens grimly watching simply add it to the Trump character flaws of sexual predator, career criminal, flagrant liar, and tax cheat.

It doesn’t matter how Putin put the screws on Trump, either through blackmail or simply feeding Trump’s voracious lunging for any dollar to be made anywhere. One could make a dithering ass of oneself denying otherwise, go ahead, we’ve heard it all before: tax cuts for the rich help the economy, global warming is a hoax, racism in America is gone.

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Saturday :: Oct 12, 2019

The Democrats Must Be the Adults Again

by paradox

Given what we know of potential Democratic Party candidates and the disintegrating Trump administration it isn’t a stretch at all to state that Elizabeth Warren will be President in January 2021. Nor is it by any means impossible Democrats will gain the Senate and retain the House, oh my god, the whole enchilada with jack cheese and green verde sauce, what a deliverance.

The American populace will have so soundly rejected a lying, autocratic, racist, misogynist and economically stupid Republican political Party. Shocking, isn’t it?

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Thursday :: Oct 10, 2019

Truth of Election 2016 Smothered in Plain Sight

by paradox

Certainly the most frightening and precisely parallel behavior of Donald Trump to German fascism--among them militarism, minority scapegoating, and exploitive crony corporatism—is the flagrant lying and comical fantasies to obtain a complete, fanatic loyalty lock from the lowest common denominator of the electorate.

What in the holy heavens is going on here? Why does the constant lying work, why is it so crucial to lock in that lowest denominator, and how to holy god do we smash through it in the present to know crucial truths so the democracy can survive?

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Saturday :: Oct 5, 2019

5 Articles of Impeachment is Not An Expression of Liberal Rage

by paradox

I’ve noticed from more than a few political writers a time of reticence, an expression of contrition, and a mood of grateful error is called for upon those who sneered at Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous line that Trump was “self-impeaching.” The Grand House Speaker Madame has got this, dude, she saw the future and now we’re golden. Right?

Please. No, I never took the line literally and thought Pelosi envisioned Trump generating impeachment article documents from one of his whirlwind word salad lies at a press conference.

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Wednesday :: Oct 2, 2019

That Stiffening Media Spine

by paradox

Monday on the Lehrer Newshour journalist Amy Walter, right at the end of her Politics Monday segment with Tamara Keith, expressed a small dismay that Secretary of State Pompeo had been introduced into the explosive Ukraine scandal.

The segment ended just then without her explaining why, but it was obvious the Pompeo addition destroyed the blissful simplicity of the Ukraine scandal as it was initially presented, Walter didn’t like the element of complexity for the Democrats.

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Friday :: Sep 27, 2019

Now, Don’t Make Any Trouble

by paradox

I was amused yesterday to see Pelosi defenders bring back her infamous “self-impeaching” phrase as a wise far-seeing prophesy of sterling leadership, a dig at Pelosi’s critics that see, she did know the future, she just waited and Trump did it for her.

“I didn’t change my mind,” she said of the new course of impeaching Trump, “the situation changed.”

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