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Friday :: Oct 16, 2020

Forces of Roaring Change Gather Momentum

by paradox

It did not escape my attention that after being very hard on the US journalism corps the previous week they pathetically fell on their face with a mighty splat on Wednesday, two disgusting incidents that do not foretell well to the growing roar of change all around them, despite all the enormous energy if these inept charlatans do not get it together progressive change could be severely hobbled next year.

First was the grossly reprehensible decision by NBC News to schedule a Trump town hall forum precisely in the same time slot as Vice President Biden’s, which was only happening because Trump quit the initial format. This disgusting leap for ratings, this treating of politics as nothing more that lying spectacle, this groveling to power, this enraging trait to treat the public good and sphere as nothing more than a NBC urinal, my god, what a bunch of lousy greedy no-good Americans, is there a Putin town hall next week?

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Wednesday :: Oct 14, 2020

Why Does Trump Still Get 30-35% Latino Support?

by paradox

One of the most baffling and concerning statistics of Election 2020 is the rock steady 30-35% level of support President Trump still gets from the Latino community. After all the vicious, inhumane treatment of Latinos at the southern border how could this still be possibly so?

Reported in the New York Times today the phenomenon is explained as “the macho appeal of Trump.” Well, what is macho, or machismo, then? Authoritarian asshole, the singular male in charge.

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Monday :: Oct 12, 2020

Moscow Mitch Doesn’t Think the Democrats Can Expand the Supreme Court

by paradox

Fearing a wipeout unified government win for the Democratic Party, many Republican operatives in print and teevee emerged over the weekend to frantically attempt stopping the blue tsunami by gravely warning the Democrats would pack the Supreme Court if they win it all November 2nd.

There’s been a lot of tough liberal talk on expanding the Supreme Court but Mitch McConnel is quite sure it won’t happen, do whatever it takes—anything—to ram home the Supreme Court pick home now for a 6-3 conservative majority, she’ll be there for 30 years with no accountability whatsoever, the Democrats can’t and won’t ameliorate the pack with court expansion in 2021. Why is he so sure of that?

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Wednesday :: Oct 7, 2020

Ah, the Access Hollywood Anvil

by paradox

When your opponent is drowning, so goes the famous political line, you throw him an anvil. In the Titanic scene of drowning the 2020 election is turning out to be for President Trump and the Republican Party grinning liberals don’t even have to get up, every time a desperate Republican operative throws out the Access Hollywood rationale man they heave a 150-pounder right into their own drowning ranks.

Today is the anniversary—October 7th-- of the notorious Access Hollywood tape where President Trump was recorded saying the proper advance on women is to “grab them by the pussy.” It was seen as an irrevocable smash of defeat for his campaign, in another story of President Trump horror it turned out not to be, desperate Republicans in 2020 keep bringing it up to somehow keep the faith and hope in their howling present disaster.

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Monday :: Oct 5, 2020

Keep Clutching Those Pearls, Maggie

by paradox

For whatever reason in the furtive professional development of our professional American journalism cousins they decided the truth about the President’s health and covid-19 condition to be sacrosanct human facts that could never, ever be sullied with lies or obfuscation.

The level of lying from the White House this weekend is just staggering, tweeted the notorious Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, utterly aghast and appalled the White House of course had lied to everyone about President Trump’s covid-19 status, just as they lie about everything.

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Sunday :: Oct 4, 2020

I See the Democrats Must Be Grownups Again

by paradox

Watching the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt last Friday the show veered into pure editorial content at the end, something the network news rarely do anymore. Mr. Holt sternly intoned that this is not the time to say I told you so, it was a time for the country to be mature and handle this crisis with unity and maturity.

Okay. The Biden campaign pulled all its negative ads and it was remarked with alacrity on Twitter how network journalism news can turn a frightening traitor bully President into a lovable grandpa everyone of course earnestly hopes gets better.

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Wednesday :: Sep 30, 2020

110 Days Until President Biden Normalcy

by paradox

I generally don’t like Presidential debates, I don’t think a confrontational personal format is exactly a good representation of politics, and the following political media yap is excruciating, every hack available comes out of the woodwork to yell on teevee, inevitably regressing into some pearl-clutching hissy fit.

Last night’s debate was easily one of the worst horrifying experiences I have ever had in American politics. If there was any solace at all in the mayhem it was the constant background knowledge Trump is getting smashed at the polls and is going to get crushed.

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