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Saturday :: Mar 31, 2018

The Only Answer is the American Democracy

by paradox

I chatted briefly last week with a Twitter acquaintance I greatly admire, a single mother who is the epitome of spunk and defiance, who was initially disgusted with Jimmy Carter for saying impeachment of Trump shouldn’t be a Democratic Party priority.

I reminded her that just 12 years ago everything was perfectly in place for impeachment, many obvious Bush & Cheney crimes of monstrous magnitude were rankly right there in the open, but Nancy Pelosi declined. Why is that?

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Sunday :: Mar 18, 2018

Reefer Madness Engulfs California

by paradox

As we all know on January 1st the Golden State went cannabis green, be over 21, walk into a retail establishment conforming to local rules, pay serious taxes, put down some cash and mary jane is yours with a smile, be it flowers, edibles or vape oil. 77 days have since passed since this glorious milestone of progress has been with us and it’s a good idea to see how legalization is going in the greatest Republic the world has ever seen.

Definitive social truth is a ridiculously elusive goal, but observations on the lack of certain effects can be enormously valuable. The lack of effect is a huge deal in life, right, enjoy a sweet diet soda but don’t gain weight. Use birth control, don’t get her pregnant at 17.

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