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Sunday :: Aug 9, 2020

Government of United States in Unrecognizable, Fascistic Tatters

by paradox

Watching a berserk, flailing mental patient of a President yesterday I was cognizant of the warning from Sarah Kendzior in 2016, who said that in just a few years America would be ripped by vicious undemocratic forces we could not imagine but had to be waiting for us.

Justin Amash was so nice last evening when he stated that Trump was not a king, when a more apt word would have been dictator or tyrant. President Trump is trying to blow up the fundamental structure of the United States government to get what he wants, the rule of law, American democracy heritage and any sense of decency be damned.

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Friday :: Aug 7, 2020

Small Scraps of Solace From the 2020 CARES Act Catastrophe

by paradox

Paul Krugman of the New York Times fights the good fight this morning in a desperate attempt to get Republicans to see the sanity and urgency of passing the House CARES Act, but after another week of pathetic Republican incompetence failure seems imminent and the Second Great American Depression locked in for 2021.

If that weren’t alarming and depressing enough the American populace must still watch the offensively stupid and thrashing incompetence of the Trump White House and McConnell Senate, it’s a terrible sight, really, to see modern American humans degraded to such babbling idiocy. If you can’t see the immense horrifying harm you’re doing to the country, why can’t you see what it will to yourselves?

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Thursday :: Jul 30, 2020

Mitch McConnel Appears on PBS in a Suicide Vest

by paradox

Such was the very accurate description of Dr. Atrios of Eschaton to in fact all Senate Republicans these days, not just Mitch McConnel, petulant angry ideologues hating a critical legislative function so much they’re threatening to blow themselves and the country up, perversely counting on the Democrats to rush in and save them as their thumbs twitch over the kill switch.

It’s impossible to overstate the screaming danger and precarious, teetering position of the present US economy, if we don’t pump as much cash into it through unemployment relief and rescue the States from ripping their employment budgets America is smashed into its Great Depression II, there is absolutely zero doubt of that.

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Tuesday :: Jul 28, 2020

One Small Thing for the Democracy Every Day

by paradox

One of the worst aspects of the Trump Term—so it will soon be officially classified—is the hurricane of events and lies that can so easily beat a person down, so many elements of American society have failed to produce this daily mayhem of insanity that one could rationally just give up, even when that’s rejected there’s this constant creepy feeling of being unmoored, of moving through a fluid time when something could blow up out of nowhere.

Yes of course to give up means failure, naturally we will never do so, but for the little people what does that really mean? Like Dana Millbank of the Washington Post exhorted us, we have long ago checked and confirmed our voter registration, we’ve talked to all our people to make sure they’re registered, many of us will mail ballots of Democracy in the next 60 days.

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Friday :: Jul 24, 2020

Republicans: Idiots With the Economy

by paradox

Mitch McConnel and Donald Trump are behaving so stupidly and recklessly with the latest covid-19 recovery package in Congress many observers have stated they must know all is lost for 2020, salt the earth and poison the wells now so the enemy has no chance to succeed upon taking over.

With all the swirling maelstrom and drama of pandemic, protest and a wandering, babbling President who cannot comprehend passing an impaired cognitive test is not a good thing it’s become completely missed how massively critical it is for the economy and country this latest recovery pass with as close to the $3 trillion Democratic Party goal as possible.

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