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Wednesday :: Feb 19, 2020

A free and fair election

by paradox

Reading the wise Dr. Atrios at Eschaton recently I was struck by his prediction that if Trump wins in 2020 why then it’s all our fault, it’s the Left that failed the country for that to happen, thus the national story will be written.

I remembered, too, John Cole from Balloon Juice remarking what an incredible walking nightmare this whole Trump term has been, a daily horror show of lying, stupid incompetence, gross racism and flagrant illegality as that orange bone spur idiot whirls around a NASCAR track.

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Sunday :: Feb 16, 2020

Want to lose to Trump? Be like Joe

by paradox

Reading Peter Athas at First Draft I was struck not only by the eerie political similarities of 1971 and 2019 but also crestfallen at the inevitable result, Nixon ratfucked Ed Muskie to torpedo his nomination, while Trump has done the same to Joe Biden.

Donald Trump tried to smear Joe Biden with Ukrainian corruption through the nepotism mistake with his son, who was given a super-plum board seat of a Ukrainian energy company. In all the raging inferno since Ivanka and Jared Kushner complacently sneer as they rake in tens of millions annually. How the hell does that happen?

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Friday :: Feb 14, 2020

Hope would be brighter with a real journalism corps

by paradox

Why are Democrats so bad at national elections? a friend asked me a few years ago, a polite way of asking how anyone could have ever lost to the stupid, offensive dolts of George Bush and Donald Trump. My answer was twofold, Democrats are naturally career civil servants who run on policy, while Republicans run ruthless Machiavellian personal smear campaigns that Democrats are terrible at countering.

It would never be possible, of course, without a yapping, gossiping, corporately stupid journalism corps that enabled them the entire time. Election 2000 became the Al Gore is a Liar election, 2004 was Kerry the Pink Bandaid guy, and of course the ultimate nuclear election turd of all time, 2016 with Hillary Clinton and those emails.

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Wednesday :: Feb 12, 2020

Goose, Meet Gander

by Deacon Blues

It should come as no surprise that Senate Republicans have no stomach to conduct congressional oversight over AG Bill Barr's direct circumvention of prosecutorial decisionmaking as it relates to friends of, and witnesses against Donald Trump.

Lindsey Graham said he will not open hearings on the matter, which is to be expected. But just remember this when we see in the future what Graham DOES want to open hearings on. For example, does Lindsey want to open an investigation against White House whistleblowers, but not Barr's flagrant political acts to protect the president? These were the same guys who barfed over Loretta Lynch's tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, but they see nothing wrong with turning the Department of Justice into Donald Trump's mob boss law firm.

And somehow the laughable Louisiana GOP Senator John Kennedy believes that the matter resulted from a "miscommunication" between the prosecution team which has been working this case before Barr was installed, and the senior DOJ political leadership.

“There was a miscommunication between the frontline prosecutors and their supervisors. You can’t even indict a public figure without talking to upper-levels at Justice,” said Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), a Judiciary Committee member.

Kennedy is admitting here that Senate Republicans believe all prosecutions against Trump allies must be approved by Barr and his top political appointees. That's a new standard, and totally emblematic of a DOJ whose primary role is to protect Trump and the GOP, and not to be the chief law enforcement agency in the country.

Keep this in mind when the next Democratic president takes office. The GOP can no longer complain if a President-elect Bernie Sanders or Amy Klobuchar names a AG nominee who is committed first and foremost to progressive causes and going after the GOP in pursuit of an overtly Democratic agenda. Both Kennedy and Graham, and the rest of the GOP have just green-lighted this, and have no beef when the next Democratic AG launches a scorched-earth accountability campaign against Beltway Republicans and the Trump family.

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Thursday :: Feb 6, 2020

May March 3rd Super Tuesday Gel the Democratic Party

by paradox

The faintest of silver linings to the utter debacle of Monday’s Iowa Democratic Primary is the tiny hope this absolute horseshit Party primary process will finally be junked for 2024, every caucus banished forever in a sane setup of four regional primaries.

I’m sure some are surprised I self-identify as a Machiavellian, it seems a strange mantle for a little-people liberal. The confusion stems from miss-classification of who Machiavelli was, which was a supreme realist who didn’t lie to himself about the brutal environment he was in with no compunction in using realism tactics.

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Wednesday :: Feb 5, 2020

Impeachment and Collateral Damage

by Deacon Blues

There’s no surprise today that the Senate acquitted Trump on both impeachment charges. The Democrats would never get to the two-thirds needed to convict and remove Trump, and the only real question was how many Senate Republicans would listen to the evidence and vote to convict.

We now know only Mitt Romney did so, which means that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee can now tee up its campaigns against Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Martha McSally, and Thom Tillis. They could also stir up a fuss in Georgia and against Lindsey Graham in South Carolina and could do the same in Montana, Iowa, and Texas if the right Democrats jumped into the race. But the presidential-level impacts from the impeachment saga are coming into view, and they aren’t good for the Democrats.

Yes, Nancy Pelosi held out in pursuing impeachment proceedings for the exact reason that such a move would unleash the crazies and drive up GOP support for Trump, which it has now done. We can argue about whether Ukraine was urgent enough for immediate action, and whether a more deliberate subpoena-and-litigate approach to the courts while continuing the investigations was advisable. We can also argue whether it was a realistic strategy to expect any GOP senator on the ballot in 2020 to come out against Trump in advance of their state’s primary election filing deadline, given that
• Maine’s deadline is March 16th
• Colorado’s is March 17th
• Arizona’s is June 25th
Why would Collins, Gardner, or McSally come out against Trump on impeachment if doing so only ensured a primary challenger from the crazies?

The reality is that the Democrats took collateral damage from the impeachment push. First, the Democratic base will be deflated from today’s votes. Second, and just as importantly, the impeachment push may have taken out Joe Biden, who was already doing damage to himself with his campaign and his demeanor. As a Biden supporter, I can say that I think Biden is finished, and only partly because of Iowa. It’s clear that when the Democrats launched the impeachment inquiry, the Republicans took their opportunity to smear Biden and drive down his numbers.

We can argue whether they would have done so if the Democrats had instead kept investigating and going through the courts. But it’s clear to me that between the smear campaign and Biden’s lackluster presentation and demeanor, coupled with an Iowa outcome that failed to meet their own pre-caucus rhetoric, the Biden campaign has taken on too much water. Yes, their intended beachhead all along was to be South Carolina, but if Biden does another flame out in New Hampshire, any decent showing in South Carolina will get bulldozed by what happens in Super Tuesday.

My feeling at this point is that Democrats need to focus much more than they have on taking back the Senate, and secondarily watching to see how the presidential race develops over the spring. We can count on Trump overstepping with his acquittal today and doing something just as egregious as he did the day after Mueller’s congressional testimony with the Ukraine telephone call. Any such outrage will only allow Democrats to hang today’s acquittal around the necks of those vulnerable GOP senators, especially if the courts end up ruling in favor in June of the congressional right to investigate the executive branch.

For me, I’ll be focusing on the Senate from now on, praying for Trump to be Trump.

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