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Monday :: Jul 6, 2020

Oh the Horrors of Liberalism

by paradox

As another summer week dawns upon the nation the little people see that once again a presidency-ending scandal is fading away, Vladimir Putin plainly putting a bounty on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan meaning nothing to his groveling American Trump puppet.

The President endlessly rants frantic lies, all his people enable him and his position protects him, keep it up long enough and the press simply moves on. President Trump has no shame, there is no mechanism to get rid of him, our American dream and citizens dying a little more each day he’s in office.

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Saturday :: Jul 4, 2020

Keep Acting Like Winners, Democrats

by paradox

Largely seen as symbolic, last week’s House vote to grant DC statehood was still some of the best news I have seen come out of DC for a long time. The Democratic Party acted like winners and put a clear goal on the horizon we can get excited about, 2 more Democratic Senators and 1 House member, possibly for the 2022 election, oh yes.

As yourself this: if the Republican Party knew there were 3 locked Congressional seats for them by granting DC statehood, would they hesitate in creating our 51st State? Heh, not for a second. DC Statehood is a real righteous issue for 2021, it’s not that line out of All the President’s Men anymore, where an editor says it has a real chance—in 1971.

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Thursday :: Jul 2, 2020

We All Believe It, We All Know It, We Know There’s Something There

by paradox

According to Eric Boehlert the third rail of American political journalism is the mental health state of the President, Trump can meander any alarming nonsense and it’s never plainly stated only a looney-tuney nutcase would ever utter such sentences.

I felt for Dr. Brandy X. Lee recently, she’s made it a three-year crusade to convince anyone President Trump is sick and ill, but the plain knowledge of such stark reality never sinks in to public consciousness. Trump was asked what his second term plans were a week ago and word salad is such a generous term for the response, it was nothing more than mental patient blathering from a total sicko.

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Wednesday :: Jul 1, 2020

2021 Senate Democrats: Junk the Filibuster

by paradox

I’d like to pick up the ball from Markos Moulitsas at Daily Kos with his admonition for the 2021 Senate Democrats to junk the filibuster forever, to keep it would be an unthinkable abdication to duty and the forces of necessary American change.

Yes, the polling and environment presently look that good, a wipeout blue tsunami that leaves the Presidency and Congress firmly in Democratic Party control for 2021.

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