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Monday :: Jun 1, 2020

It’s a Good Idea to Have No Military Surplus

by paradox

I saw from the truncated Twitter feed at Hullabaloo that Senator Schatz (D-HI) has the most excellent idea of ending the practice of sending surplus military hardware to local police departments, it seems that attacking police forces with armored vehicles against American citizens is not exactly a freedom scenario the Founders envisioned.

President Obama ended the queasily frightening transfers, there was and is enough of a disquieting feedback loop of personnel between the military and local police departments already, but Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump, ever eager to trash American democracy, ramped it up again in 2017.

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Monday :: May 18, 2020

Obama Breaks Presidential Norms Himself

by paradox

During this chaotic catastrophe of the Trump presidency it’s become a wearying task of sharp dismay to catalogue how many norms of democracy that Putin puppet has smashed and soiled, but for political nerds a surprising new actor has emerged in throwing out past Presidential conventions, President Obama.

American presidents retire to a quiet political life of complete silence, it was always completely understood it wasn’t fair to deny a new president a fresh start, there couldn’t be any higher political plane to ascend to,[1] and as Dr. Atrios will tell you, this norm pre-stresses a cherished DC political paradigm: bygones. Whatever heinously stupid or offensive act you committed, oh well, brother, it’s all good.

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Friday :: May 15, 2020

Watching American Democracy Teeter

by paradox

After oral arguments were finished with the Supreme Court on the multiple judicial attempts to get Trump’s taxes a palpable feeling of dreaded gloom settled over citizens of democracy watching, for although these cases are absurdly simple and the lawyers defending Trump ludicrous clowns everyone knows this Mallard Court of Supremacy could so easily blow it again and quack quack quack our country back to Turkmenistan.

They did it just weeks ago when they said the Wisconsin primary wasn’t an election of special circumstance. The country and democracy desperately needs the truth here for something that should have been routinely handed over years ago, but those Supreme Mallards don’t care in the least, they’ve shat all over themselves and the law so many times not one sane American soul expects the truth or justice to be delivered here, we’re just waiting with a queasy hope. 1

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