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Sunday :: Sep 30, 2018

The Answer From Mueller is Needed Now More Than Ever

by paradox

I’m quite surprised, in a way, to look upon some the brightest and most successful American liberal writers (Yglesias, Parton, Marcotte, Marshall) and see their impeachment reasoning. All of them concretely, effortlessly predict conviction failure in the Senate, it is as a given in our world as the tides.

Heh. I wasn’t aware predicting the future was one of their many enviable talents, but they seemed to have seized it with amazing confidence.

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Friday :: Sep 28, 2018

Hanging Lindsey Out to Dry

by Deacon Blues
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"Miss Ford has got a problem, and destroying Judge Kavanaugh’s life won’t fix her problem."
--Graham, yesterday, placing the "problem" at Dr. Ford's feet

There’ll be a special place in Hell for Lindsey Graham, after yesterday’s grotesque performance to please Donald Trump, and his garbage comment about Dr. Ford. I can only hope that when Lindsey gets what he wants, which is to be Trump’s next Attorney General or Defense Secretary, he has to face a Democratic committee chair next year at his confirmation hearing.

What we saw yesterday was the collision between Brett Kavanaugh and the GOP’s sense of entitlement to the Supreme Court and an attempt at accountability, perhaps a failed one at that. Dr. Ford was the brave one yesterday, and Kavanaugh and Graham were gutless political opportunists. When you come out on the wrong side of the American Bar Association and the Jesuits, you know you’ve gone too far to please Trump. Graham smeared Ford with that comment, and whatever self-loathing and secret he’s hiding doesn’t justify his behavior.

Spare me any whining about a "fair process", coming from the cretins who never gave Merrick Garland a hearing.

We can only hope that yesterday was the GOP winning the battle but eventually losing the war. And as for Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and any other wavering GOP senator who expressed concerns about Kavanaugh and yet will still confirm him in the aftermath of yesterday’s pathetic display, may you all burn in hell when you take your K Street jobs and sell out for the cash and power that motivate the GOP.

It was to be expected that the Committee would vote along party lines this morning to push ahead with Kavanaugh, as if yesterday's testimony by Ford didn't happen, just as it was to be expected for the spineless Flake to make an empty demand for a FBI investigation before a final floor vote, when he knows full well McConnell plans to ram through the floor vote immediately. Unless Flake comes out and says he will vote "no" on the floor in the absence of a FBI investigation, his protestations are as empty as Graham's reputation.

Update, Friday PM: After being confronted by a sexual assault victim in a Capitol elevator this morning, Flake approached Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar and Chris Coons about getting the FBI back into the process prior to any final Senate floor vote on Kavanaugh. This led to conversations with Lisa Murkowski, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Manchin, and others, and presto, Mitch McConnell has been told that there won't be any floor vote to approve Kavanaugh until the FBI is allowed to re-enter the process and conduct a one-week background investigation to look into the recent charges.

McConnell no longer has the votes to ram through Kavanaugh this weekend, and will agree to the one-week delay. This truly hangs Graham, Grassley, and Hatch out to dry amongst their Senate colleagues. After seeing Graham's pathetic behavior yesterday, and now seeing this rejection today, Graham's days as an effective moderating voice in the Senate are over.

Plus, this loser must face voters in 2020.

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Monday :: Sep 24, 2018

Making Rosenstein an Offer He Can Refuse

by Deacon Blues

Hopefully, the Thursday meeting between Trump and Rod Rosenstein to get Rosenstein's pecker in Trump's pocket (sorry, LBJ) will be a short one:

Trump: Rod, thanks for coming in today.
Rosenstein: Good morning, Mr. President.
Trump: This recent hub-bub about you volunteering to wear a wire and bag me for a 25th Amendment action has hurt me, despite your willingness to put out that second statement denying the failin' New York Times' story.
Rosenstein: I'm sorry about all of this Mr. President. As I said earlier in the week, I'm offering my resignation.
Trump: I appreciate that Rod. You can stay, as long as you are a team player and give Devin Nunes everything he wants, and rein in Mueller.
Rosenstein: Mr. President, ...
Trump: Now Rod, I'm just asking for loyalty here, ...
Rosenstein: (Reaching inside his suit jacket for his letter) Mr. President, I'm sorry; here is my letter. I appreciated the opportunity to serve. But I can't remain the Number Two person at Justice under those demands.
Trump: Well, then, you resigned. I didn't fire you.
Rosenstein: Yes Mr. President. Good bye.
Trump: Good bye Rod. Your office and computer have been locked up, and White House security will want your cell phone on your way out.
Rosenstein: Yes, Mr. President. I'll be happy to hand that over before I leave the building and walk towards all those microphones.

We can only hope. But by that time, and on that morning, Trump will be hoping that Rosenstein will give the media enough of a distraction away from the sh*tstorm at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, where Ronan Farrow, Jane Mayer, and Michael Avenatti have now kneecapped the Brett Kavanaugh march to victory.

Update: Straight out of the right wing playbook, by making himself the victim, Kavanaugh responds to the most recent allegations by two new women and says he will not be intimidated into withdrawing from the nomination. This is a common feature of white male privilege, whereby the Beltway elites believe in their own entitlement (the same people who whine about lesser people and entitlements), and bristle when the rest of us rubes don't step aside while they ascend to their power perches. So now Kavanaugh can yak about his refusal to be intimidated, while he and the White House try to intimidate now-3 women into shutting up and going away, until all three insist upon polygraphs in real time with Kavanaugh in front of the FBI.

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Friday :: Sep 21, 2018

"Swift Boat" Liars May Sink Kavanaugh

by Deacon Blues

If you wanted to know how it was possible for Ed Whelan, a longtime GOP political hatchet man to turn the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation mess into a Keystone Kops fiasco that suckered Orrin Hatch's office and risked a defamation lawsuit against Whelan and his firm, all you need to know is that Whelan used the same smear artists behind the Swift Boat Veterans' for Truth.

It's only fitting that Trump and Kavanaugh get a black eye on this by allowing the slime from the John Kerry liars and attackers to spread their ooze into the White House efforts to ram through this nomination, to the degree that it is now in doubt. Yet Whelan's debacle clearly drags in the Federalist Society itself, and calls into question how detached the White House really is from this mess, when it was known to some reporters that GOP bigfoots were working on this "it was the other guy" defense since the beginning of the week.

I don't really see a plausible way that Chuck Grassley or Orrin Hatch can evade involving the FBI to sort out this mess any longer, or not call Mark Judge to testify as "the other guy in the room", now that the GOP went so far as to float this desperate defense. But given the disastrous poll numbers that are dragging down Kavanaugh already, maybe the Democrats should want Grassley to ram the vote through the Senate Judiciary Committee anyway, just so it blows up the GOP in early October, just weeks before the midterms.

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Tuesday :: Sep 18, 2018

Kavanaugh and the GOP Step Into the Abyss

by Deacon Blues

Now that Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa wants to ram through Brett Kavanaugh with a quickly-scheduled committee hearing next Monday without any further investigation of accuser Dr. Ford's allegations by law enforcement personnel, he is refusing to allow any other witnesses except Ford and Kavanaugh.

Grassley and the rest of his GOP committeemen don't plan to call any of the 65 female character references he lined up to vouch for Kavanaugh, for fear that Democrats ask how people who never went to high school with Kavanaugh can vouch for him while he was at high school. And Grassley doesn't want it revealed that of the original 65 he lined up, less than a dozen are willing to still publicly support the nominee.

And Grassley doesn't want to force the "third person" in the bedroom that night, Kavanaugh friend and drinking buddy Mike Judge, who has written publicly about his high school drinking and in fiction with someone named awfully close to Kavanaugh, to come forward or be subpoenaed to testify. It's no surprise that Judge now refuses to testify to the committee, because he'd be under oath and exposed to a felony charge under Maryland state law.

No, Grassley, who thought he was being clever by lining up dozens of phony character references who never attended high school with the nominee in the oft-chance that the alleged victim came forward, is now perpetrating a sham hearing like he and Orrin Hatch foisted upon us with Anita Hill 27 year ago. And yet the Senate GOP, which took 11 months to deprive Merrick Garland of even a hearing, now wants to rush through a hearing for Kavanaugh so they can stack the court before possibly losing control of the Senate in November.

Simply put, if the same Senate GOP thought the court could go 11 months without 9 justices, then the same Senate GOP can explain why it can't wait another 2-3 weeks for the FBI to interview Judge, Ford, Kavanaugh, and the 65 women who vouched for him without going to school with him.

Update: A simply brilliant move by Dr. Ford and her attorney. In my admittedly limited experience, liars and guilty people don't demand FBI investigations of themselves. And since Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, and every other Trump sycophant has told us how innocent Kavanaugh is, he certainly won't have a problem with having his FBI inquiry reopened again, even for a polygraph, would he?

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Monday :: Sep 17, 2018

Kavanaugh's, and the GOP's High-Wire Act

by Deacon Blues

After a startling weekend when his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, unexpectedly came forward and informed the public she would testify, Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford will now take part in a hearing next Monday. There's not much riding on this hearing; only the control of the United State Senate next January.

It's perfect justice that a nomination that was made for purely political reasons could now cost the GOP their control of the Senate.

The only reason Kavanaugh is the nominee is because he's the only one who looked Trump in the face and gave him his "get-out-of-jail-free" card. And now, after Mitch McConnell angled to get this rammed through after denying a legitimate nomination to Merrick Garland, McConnell gets to tell Trump he may lose that card and risk the loss of a GOP Senate by letting sexist toads Orrin Hatch and Chuck Grassley grill the victim weeks before the midterms and lose any remaining suburban female support for the GOP.

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Thursday :: Sep 13, 2018

Manafort Cuts a Deal

by Deacon Blues

ABC News is reporting that Paul Manafort has reached a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, which is to be announced in federal court tomorrow.

It isn't clear if Manafort is a cooperating witness as part of this plea deal, or just copping to some crimes to escape a second trial, but the quickest way to tell if he's rolling over on Trump is if Mueller is letting him walk for state-level charges as well as his federal offenses.

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Tuesday :: Sep 11, 2018

Trump's Growing Delusions

by Deacon Blues

On the same day that a new poll found that over 50% of independents feel Trump is unfit for office, and that his deficits in a decent economy will now approach $1 trillion annually, Mr. Trump proclaimed that his response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last year was "an incredible, unsung success."

There are nearly 3,000 Americans who would disagree with that assessment if they were still alive to catch paper towels from this dipshit.

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