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Friday :: Nov 15, 2019

Well, There’s Still Mom & Apple Pie

by paradox

Rodney Dangerfield had a routine about having a terrible week, he’d assume this voice as a god of life and intone Oh I got you this time, buddy, oh yeah, you’re drinking early today.

Oy I know the feeling, it seems impossible for the country to lose its way in another dimension but the Houston Astros have been caught cheating in baseball.

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Thursday :: Nov 14, 2019

The Rebuild

by paradox

It has been a long, long 3 years and 2 months under the fascism of Trump, so the vista of 14 months into 2020 may seem like a limitless horizon of horror but in fact it’s really not that far away, in just over a year likely we’ll be swearing in a Democratic President.

President Trump has the worst polling and negative numbers of any modern President. He very well may not survive impeachment, and if he does he will take on a super-intense Democratic base and all their coalition, watch ‘em turn Texas purple.

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Wednesday :: Nov 13, 2019

An Affinity for White Nationalism

by paradox

One of the queasiest questions of the Trump era, unthinkable just five years ago, is completely valid now: is this what it was like in Germany 1933?

American political science has long been fascinated with the birth and dominance of German fascism, an interesting history, yes, but primarily a worried comparison to American politics, it’s long been noted how the two countries are very similar. Americans are good with the Germans in denial, too, many of the racist tenets and eugenics of Nazism were copied from early 20th century American racism.

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Tuesday :: Nov 12, 2019

About Being Triggered

by paradox

I hate to be a killjoy with one of the funniest stories of the Trump era and I run a serious risk of breaking a personally sacred internal rule with this episode, but I think I can be general enough with my story and there are two vital human and political elements here that are worthy of noting as fact and acknowledgement.

For totally unfathomable reasons Donald Trump Jr. thought being a lying criminal fascist who extorts and bribes foreign powers to cheat an election was a admirable path to follow in life, so he has an obnoxious trolling twitter account and wrote an manifestly awful book: Triggered, How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.

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Monday :: Nov 11, 2019

The Enabling is the Very Worst

by paradox

Last week Digby of Hullabaloo noted yet again the mind-boggling chutzpah and arrogance of President Trump, the truly sociopathic psychology required to blatantly lie about the screamingly obvious extortion over Ukraine and insist the whole deal was about fighting corruption.

Every day honest Americans have to start their day knowing the President is a rank childish liar, in many dimensions it is a trial. The gross mental unfitness of President Trump is not a new story, but there was something in this particular scenario outlined by Digby that stayed with me in not-a-good way, how in the name of Susan B Anthony could this ever work, what’s truly wrong here?

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Friday :: Nov 8, 2019

Even the Beltway Media Gets It

by paradox

Such was the astute observation of the sanguine MisterMix at Balloon Juice, referring the Trump Ukraine extortion scandal and our chattering, obtuse, gossiping pack of centrist Washington DC journalists.

It’s a huge deal, and doubtless one reason Nancy Pelosi decided to pull the trigger on impeachment, there has to be a way to clearly transmit the truth to the little people that cannot be tarnished or muddled, one would think that would always be the case with a journalism corps but the with myopic journalism failures America is stuck with one must fervently seize the window of professionalism once present.

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Wednesday :: Nov 6, 2019

Trump Tax Returns Could Be Released in December 2019

by paradox

I have been asking for the federal appeal timetable for Trump’s tax returns ever since he lost his case in Manhattan, and today the answer is finally here from the New York Times, the case is on the Supreme Court list for review with an answer due this December, around 35 days from now.

If the Supreme Court decides not to take on the case it’s all over for Trump and his taxes, within 72 hours in that scenario the last 8 year’s worth will be in possession by Congress.

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Sunday :: Nov 3, 2019

The Scope of What Trump has Done

by paradox

What did Richard Nixon do to trigger impeachment in the House?

He and his dim punk henchmen sabotaged the Democratic Party primary with filthy illegal tactics to get the opponent they wanted, then committed obstruction of justice trying to cover it up.

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Thursday :: Oct 31, 2019

A February Mike Pence Presidency is a Lot of Drama

by paradox

“How much drama can the American people handle?” Speaker Pelosi rhetorically asked yesterday, throwing cold water on the idea of an emolument impeachment article.

Quite a bit, actually, 70 years of television and Days of our Lives hasn’t made the populace immune to the state of mind. Should the impeachment process bring down President Trump—a totally feasible possibility in many scenarios the next 90 days—we the people will truly watch Mike Pence be sworn in as President of the United States. Yes.

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Tuesday :: Oct 29, 2019

US Journalism Failure & Justice for Election 2016

by paradox

I suppose it’s a bit out of step with the liberal base—and certainly with the White House—but I’ve kept my digital subscriptions to the New York Times and Washington Post. Their betrayal to truth and country is acidly deep, certainly there is an element of enabling to their duplicity in 21st century American fascism, but I keep the faith they can learn and grow into part of a new, better democracy for the little people starting January 2021.

It certainly isn’t easy, especially with days like today when Paul Krugman so astutely outlines appalling US journalism failure surrounding the US deficit and that lying squirrel Paul Ryan. Democrats are about to undergo a ruthless accounting for truth and fiscal balance, like Hillary Clinton they get a different set of journalism rules.

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