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Monday :: Jan 20, 2020

Any answers on the Russian honeytrap scandal?

by paradox

There have been persistent rumors around the intertubes for weeks that a high-ranking Trump administration security member had their cell phone and laptop stolen in a classic Russian honeytrap, lure the mark sexually with a beautiful woman—hopefully lots of booze involved—and then steal whatever valuable elements the mark has when he’s conked out.

This morning it popped up again at the Daily Kos pundit roundup, a link to a Twitter account that links to the APNews wire, just stating that Andrew Peek, senior White House advisor on Europe and Russia, had been escorted off the White House grounds last Friday.

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Thursday :: Jan 16, 2020

The American Fascism Media Show Roils On

by paradox

I wish readers knew the moxie and bravery required to use the word fascist when describing Trump, it’s a dark evil word of times long gone by, we could never regress that far and only a yelling crank would use it, just ignore that attention-grabbing bore.

Of course I want my ideas and writing to be taken seriously, and naturally it hurts my feelings to be instantly written off and passed over as a radical bomb-thrower. It’s important to me and critical for the country to understand why I describe Trump and the Republicans as modern fascists, three stories just from yesterday slam the truth home even more, so this horribly uncomfortable American political phenomena merits examination again.

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Wednesday :: Jan 15, 2020

Will there be a Congress left after Moscow Mitch is done?

by paradox

I was darkly amused to see Speaker Nancy Pelosi tease the release of impeachment articles yet one more day, it so clearly distressed the misogynist fascists in the Republican Party who want to get the Trump cover-up over as quickly as possible. Most observers have noted the delay tactic brings forth more damning evidence but there’s something else important at play here.

Any observant American citizen call tell you substantive legislation rarely makes it out of Congress in an election year. Why is that? Because politicians are the ultimate cautious creatures, difficult legislation forces compromise and the taking of controversial stances, a politician wants to put forth a sunny face of happy accomplishment in an election year, not dark memories of bloody political battles.

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Monday :: Jan 13, 2020

The Fascism Test

by paradox

I suppose it’s pretty plain I’m very angry with the United States military when I propose they get annual budgets of $350 or $400 billion, but the clowns have completely earned it by instantly doing whatever Trump orders and obviously failing the fascism test.

A few months ago a clever writer at Daily Kos came up with a media competence threshold called the Hack Test. Around twice a year Republicans launch their classic hissy fit of fabricated outrage, usually to distract but often to just knife the libs for the hell of it. The latest fake bomb of butthurt was the use of Barron Trump’s name in the impeachment hearings, NBC News was the worst offender in failing.

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Sunday :: Jan 12, 2020

Letter From California

by paradox

01/12/20 0609.41 PST
San Jose, California

I am a badass rose gardener with three beds of 70 canes that put me in the top 50 rose gardens in this city of 975,000 souls, of that there is no doubt, but there certainly is a price to pay, the fame and glory are not free, no. I’m finally done with my winter evolution of trim, clean and cultivate, but at January 9th it’s very late for me to finish and somehow the spectacular petal show coming in April doesn’t hold it’s usual hope.

I fled from one of the worst clerical contracts I have ever experienced in a surreal creepy environment mid-November, hiding on the couch for weeks from the barking abuse from it all (my supervisor would blow up at any second using my adolescent name of Joe! Joe!, Jesus save me) and stewing at the San Jose Water Company when I thought of my roses.

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Friday :: Jan 10, 2020

Why is Acceptance of Climate Change So Difficult?

by paradox

A headline scan revealed Greta Thunberg recently had a birthday, eliciting a moment of pity of her from me, she’s recently learned a brutal human lesson of rejection, even after all the righteous thundering truth, protests and attention to climate change essentially nothing’s happened, it didn’t work.

It was the same lesson those Parkland massacre kids learned in Florida, they sat in the audience chamber of the Florida legislature two weeks after the event and wept as white old men easily rejected their horror and life to keep things just as they should be with assault rifles everywhere.

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Thursday :: Jan 9, 2020

If You Build It They Will Use It

by paradox

It may seem hard to believe but only 78 years ago the United States still clung fiercely to the American Democracy pillar of possessing no standing army, even after WWI the Army and Navy were essentially stripped down as the military buildup to WWII raged all around us.

A full standing Army and Navy in peace was seen as an inevitable corrosive force on American politics, it costs an incredible fortune that had to distort internal politics with graft and stupid aggressive posturing. Just as dangerous was the knowledge having the military always fully ready would mean it would always inevitably be used.

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Sunday :: Jan 5, 2020

$8 Billion in Ships & 7,000 Sailors Lost Kind of War

by paradox

I am rarely so foolish as to predict the future but in my last work I couldn’t help it, all I know of American politics showed a very good bet for no obstruction of Congress with a full Senate trial in Trump’s impeachment, and oh my god it was so satisfying to write, the situation was out of control for Trump with no sure outcome.

Donald Trump is a lying, predator criminal with a finely honed feral instinct for filthy fighting and survival, he knew it too and we all know what happened, he completely blew up the impeachment strategy by allegedly starting a war with Iran.

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