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Saturday :: Nov 30, 2019

Book Review: The American Story, Conversations With Master Historians

by paradox

David M. Rubenstein
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 978-1-9821-2033-7 (ebook)
Copyright 2019

Idly reclining in front of the PBS Newshour last week I was intrigued to see a real historian on teevee, David Rubenstein, a Librarian of Congress, a nice articulate man with a very good idea, bringing great American historians to the Library of Congress for interviews on their works of the Presidency and great American figures, the audience bipartisan members of Congress.

Immensely grateful to Judy Woodruff for highlighting history on teevee—usually a fetid, shallow wasteland of yapping irrelevance and distraction—I bought the book and read it, startled at the beginning to see the author recall when a copy of the Magna Carta was about to leave the country, he didn’t wish it so, so he bought it.

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Wednesday :: Nov 27, 2019

Trump’s Lawless Intransience Enabled by the Court

by paradox

That’s not what the headline says in the Washington Post, of course, they say the court “eviscerates” him. Heh, naturally they’re correct in the narrow view of the court opinion, but what actually happens to that lying con President we have when the court eviscerates his fascist political tenets?

Nothing. Yes we all the know the American judicial process, no matter how loony or Orwellian Trump is still entitled to an appeal, so appeal he will, a stay is granted and the wheels of American justice remain stuck in maddening futility.

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Tuesday :: Nov 26, 2019

Hey Look, Senator Kennedy Admits Being an Evil Liar is Wrong

by paradox

I made a decision 60 minutes ago to steel my mental health against the lying treacherous filth of the Republican Party to write up the absolute outrage of Senator Kennedy of Louisiana last Sunday, he went on television and flat-out lied about Russia and Ukraine, the message was totally obvious, whatever Trump has done or is impeached for Senator Kennedy is all in, lying fascism is so good with him.

This is precisely how we lose our Democracy and country, mechanisms are put in place to remove a dangerous felon President and the hearts and minds assigned to that duty, incredibly, chuck it out the window. To do that they—and Senator Kennedy—become rank stupid liars to enable any felony. If Senator Kennedy is willing to debase himself to this extent he’ll accept anything, another illegitimate election, war on any pretense, crushing the 1st amendment for Trump, anything, bye bye America.

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Sunday :: Nov 24, 2019

Oh Way to Go, Republicans

by paradox

Susan Rice was in the New York Times last Friday and I instantly, eagerly read her work, I think the world of this great American, and there was an added bonus in the subtitle in that her lessons were not all depressing. Praise Jesus and his voter registration card let’s have it, a lift from the tragically depressing wreck of American government is just what the doctor ordered.

Serious bummer, it didn’t work. I’m sure the one element Ms Rice meant to sway our dismay was the heroic performance and shining resumes of our government workers who rightfully knifed the Republicans for being such dithering stupid liars, but it was completely unsurprising to me, in a way I expected it.

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Saturday :: Nov 23, 2019

Candidates Watching Joe Biden and the Republicans

by paradox

A strange absence in all the knifing news surrounding Ukraine is the silence from a core element of the story, Joe’s Biden’s son is the target of the base White House propaganda ploy and of course Biden is a major candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for President, yet Biden is personally not interjecting himself and his candidacy into the story. Why is that?

In a seriously depressing and dismaying political evolution Joe Biden decided his sell his 2020 candidacy as the God of Kumbaya, once the Trump era is over he will be the savior to bring Republicans back into civilization and make the country work again.

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Friday :: Nov 15, 2019

Well, There’s Still Mom & Apple Pie

by paradox

Rodney Dangerfield had a routine about having a terrible week, he’d assume this voice as a god of life and intone Oh I got you this time, buddy, oh yeah, you’re drinking early today.

Oy I know the feeling, it seems impossible for the country to lose its way in another dimension but the Houston Astros have been caught cheating in baseball.

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Thursday :: Nov 14, 2019

The Rebuild

by paradox

It has been a long, long 3 years and 2 months under the fascism of Trump, so the vista of 14 months into 2020 may seem like a limitless horizon of horror but in fact it’s really not that far away, in just over a year likely we’ll be swearing in a Democratic President.

President Trump has the worst polling and negative numbers of any modern President. He very well may not survive impeachment, and if he does he will take on a super-intense Democratic base and all their coalition, watch ‘em turn Texas purple.

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