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Saturday :: Aug 29, 2015

Hold the Door for Her, Every Time

by paradox

I was badly rear-ended a month ago, on my way to the gym not a mile from my house, a little late I saw a woman with a double baby carriage on a street corner to my left and quickly braked to let her cross. Some kid behind me was texting, didn’t expect me to stop and never saw me, he crashed me at 20 mph and completely wrecked the front end of his sedan.

I have a hitch under my F-150 bumper attached to the frame, he did $4,600 worth of damage but I could still drive. Except my battery died when I tried to go home, one of those days.

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Thursday :: Aug 27, 2015

Time for Hillary to Plan the Exit

by Deacon Blues

The Joe Biden drumbeat will get even louder now, with the news that a new national, large-sample/small MOE poll shows the Vice President now running better against all GOP candidates than Hillary does.

Matchups among all American voters show:
Biden tops Trump 48 - 40 percent. He beats Bush 45 - 39 percent and gets 44 percent to Rubio's 41 percent.
Clinton edges Trump 45 - 41 percent. She gets 42 percent to Bush's 40 percent and gets 44 percent to Rubio's 43 percent.
Sanders edges Trump 44 - 41 percent and edges Bush 43 - 39 percent. Rubio gets 41 percent to Sanders' 40 percent.

I'd like to congratulate the GOP, parts of the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media for taking a stupid mistake and poor judgment by Hillary back in 2009 and successfully undermining her candidacy. Yes, she brought this upon herself, no doubt, and continues to do so. But if I were her right now, I'd be planning my exit once Biden enters, and let the party and media detractors live with a Democratic race that may depress the party's base at a time when the worst elements of the GOP base are rabid.

Clearly, doing stupid things with your email are more disqualifying than intolerance of minorities (the whole GOP), or botching administration policy on Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan (Biden).

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Monday :: Aug 24, 2015

Trump's Army Won't Unilaterally Disarm

by Deacon Blues

It wasn’t that long ago that many critics bemoaned the prospect of a boring and preordained 2016 presidential race, with a Clinton and a Bush duking it out for the White House. Well, those days are long gone. We’re now more likely to have great uncertainty over who will occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in late January 2017, and sometime before it’s over, many may wish for a boring Clinton or Bush outcome.

Who exactly are the Trump supporters? Evan Osnos of the New Yorker spent months following Trump and talking with his supporters, and tells us:

Ever since the Tea Party’s peak, in 2010, and its fade, citizens on the American far right—Patriot militias, border vigilantes, white supremacists—have searched for a standard-bearer, and now they’d found him.

So the GOP is about to reap the extremist calamity it has sown all during the Obama presidency. At a time when the GOP is at risk of becoming a real fringe party of right-wing whites only, their rhetoric has ensured that anti-immigration sentiment is their newest litmus test, wrongly blaming brown people for what in fact Wall Street and globalization have done to the middle class.

But what happens when the Rupert Murdoch’s and the Koch Brothers and the Bush 100 conspire over the coming weeks to drive Trump from the race? What happens when Trump and his supporters go into open warfare to fight back? And what happens when this band of fringe misfits realize that the GOP establishment wants to take away their candidate once again and demand they play ball with the chosen one?

On the Democratic side, let’s play out what is likely to happen. Joe Biden will jump into the race because he believes Hillary is mortally wounded, and because deep down the White House doesn't want Obama's legacy to be tied to Hillary. Support for Hillary inside the party starts eroding and switching to Biden, even though Hillary in a three-way race wins in every scenario. But the media smells Clinton blood in the water, yes blood that Hillary herself put there but blood nonetheless, and they ramp up the drumbeat over the emails and pay attention to nothing else. So by next spring, the party’s offerings consist of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden against a GOP civil war and eventual Trump third-party bid, with Hillary damaged and counted out as being supposedly unelectable.

So much for boring and preordained.

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Tuesday :: Aug 18, 2015

How Trump Kills the GOP and Their Oligarchs

by Deacon Blues
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From a Democrat’s perspective, what’s happening in the GOP presidential sweepstakes is pure gold. Before Donald Trump’s ascension, the real base of the GOP had game-planned a perfect post-Citizens United script, whereby the Koch Brothers and other GOP big-check elites bought the next president of the United States, just as Samuel Alito and John Roberts had intended all along. The Koch’s were running their whore Scott Walker as their Trojan horse, Jeb Bush had his hundred pimps and their $100 million, Marco Rubio and the others had their billionaire check writers. All of them were hoping to get the electoral system they’ve always wanted, where the wishes of 450 people directly dictated the lives of 350 million and indirectly the world.

Then The Donald came along and energized the part of the GOP base that actually does the democratic behavior of voting, rendering the elites' plans kaput. He stakes out an immigration position that may be a minority view in the country and even within the GOP as a whole, yet perfectly meshes with the base that shows up in Iowa and New Hampshire. Trump blew up the plans of the Koch’s and the Bush 100 and others by grabbing and holding the media attention away from their whores and instead is bringing out GOP voters who’ve been dormant. Sure, Trump may hit a ceiling of 25-30% in a crowded field, but you need look no farther than the Iowa and New Hampshire polls to see the destruction Trump has brought.

It is now entirely possible that neither Walker nor Bush, nor any other big-money GOP whore will win either Iowa or New Hampshire, and Trump can win both and go into South Carolina up 2-0 with an even bigger head of steam. This would require the GOP funders and official party machinery to do one of two things: embrace Trump and his empty fringe agenda that doesn't match their own, or all-out attack him and start an intraparty civil war. This would be a very visible war where the party machinery would have to align openly with oligarchs who thought they were buying America against someone (and his supporters) who can afford to take them on, only to ultimately leave the party for an independent bid that would destroy the GOP.

Fun times.

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Monday :: Aug 17, 2015

Letting Donald Drive Into a Ditch

by Deacon Blues

It was with great glee that I saw Donald Trump launch his immigration proposal over the weekend, with the full serious treatment on "Meet the Press" and elsewhere. Because after all those years of having John Boehner allow the crazies in his caucus to demonize Mexican immigrants and block the Senate’s immigration reform proposal, the GOP now has Donald Trump as the party’s official policy maker on immigration. What does that mean?

It means that the GOP supports uprooting thousands of families who have been in this country benefitting our economy for years and sending all 12 million illegal immigrants back to their country of origin.

It means that the GOP is at economic war with Mexico, a fellow treaty signatory of the United States.

And it means that the GOP will lose the 2016 election when millions of voters of all backgrounds turn their backs on a political party that demonized them and their families just to placate an aging white base that believes the falsehoods about immigration spread by Fox News and the Tea Party.

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Wednesday :: Aug 12, 2015

NYT Lets Jeb Get Away With Lying About Iraq

by Deacon Blues

There's been much to write about of late, but I'm consciously trying to avoid the Trump/Fox News scam until after Labor Day to see whether or not Trump is a real problem for the GOP. In the mean time, I did want to comment on Jeb Bush's attempt to blame Hillary and Obama for the creation of ISIS when in fact his brother W and Cheney deserve all the credit for that.

For some reason, Jeb has decided to show his foreign policy bona fides by grabbing the third rail of Iraq, and blaming others for what his brother and Cheney actually did. The most recent example was yesterday, when Jeb gave a speech at the Reagan Library and blamed Hillary for ISIS. As bad as that was, the New York Times reported Jeb's misdirection attempt as if they were stenographers, without adding any factual context that would show how pathetic Jeb's smear really was.

Hillary has her share of responsibility for Obama's foreign policy missteps, but not on Iraq and Afghanistan. The NYT failed to note in their piece that multiple independent accounts and books over the last several years have clearly established that Joe Biden and the White House staff drove policy on Iraq and Afghanistan rather than Foggy Bottom. Furthermore, there is no reference in the NYT story to the fact that in order for our forces to remain in Iraq in any military capacity, the Iraqis and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki needed to accept a new Status of Forces Agreement on immunity protections for our troops, which they refused to do. Lastly, it was W who set the withdrawal timeframe that Obama lived up to.

If Jeb wants to criticize a Secretary of State for standing by while ISIS started and grew, he really then should be criticizing Condi Rice, who did nothing herself during the 2005-2007 period when Al Qaeda in Iraq and then ISIS grew in the vacuum caused by W and Cheney's disastrous policy. The NYT could have mentioned those facts in its piece, but instead it chose to do stenography for Jeb.

For his part, Jeb is strangely choosing to wade directly into the Iraq debacle rather than steer clear of it. Democrats should punch him loudly and often for doing so. Yet I can't see why the media lets Jeb get away with it, unless we're about to see a sad replay of Bush Media Ownership 2.0.

Update: You would think that the "newspaper of record", as the NYT likes to think of itself, would run a story in the same edition or the next day pointing out the inaccuracies in Jeb's misdirection attempt. But no, the NYT is too tired from its stenography, and has moved on to breathlessly covering the latest in Hillary's email stupidity. Instead, leave it to the fine journalists at McClatchy, including the all-star Jonathan Landay to point out that Jeb was flat out wrong in his attacks. Landay and other reporters at Knight-Ridder, and then McClatchy were all over the lies that led us to war way back when it took bravery to go against the NYT and Judith Miller's knee-padding of Dick Cheney. They and the Post's Walter Pincus knew all along that the case for war was suspect at best, and that despite the white-washing from the Bush Royal Family and their accomplices inside the CIA, there was serious disagreements within foreign intelligence services about Saddam's alleged WMD capabilities. But the NYT's and the Post's editors couldn't be bothered with such due diligence, and it looks like the New York Times is leading us back to Bush Media Ownership 2.0.

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