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Friday :: Feb 24, 2017

Deprive Trump of Media Coverage

by Deacon Blues

After several mainstream news organizations busted the White House yesterday for attempting to influence the FBI's investigation of Russian involvement in the Trump presidential campaign, the administration today barred selected media from the televised daily press briefing. In so doing, woebegone Sean Spicer only had to deal off-camera with right wing press and other mainstream press that were willing to whore themselves to the White House fascist manipulation of a free press. Spicer and the Trump team laughingly thought that by only talking to the sheeple, they could avoid getting hammered for what obviously was an attempt at obstructing justice.

This followed another Trump lie-fest at CPAC this morning.

If the White House really thinks they are being tough guys here, then perhaps the mainstream media outlets should stop attending the press briefings and deprive Trump of the one thing he needs to live: media attention. Why send your best reporters and editors to a daily lie-fest from Spicer and the rest of the fascists when you can instead turn your assets loose on digging up as many leaks and negative stories as possible? Let the White House see what it is like to fend off the torrent they themselves created when they clumsily cut themselves off from the opportunity to spin these stories in real time.

Steve Bannon and Trump think they are so clever, when in fact they are both nothing but small men in every sense of the word.

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Thursday :: Feb 16, 2017

More Lies From the Podium

by Deacon Blues

"To be honest, I inherited a mess. It's a mess."
--President Second Place, today, with a straight face.

If a totally-unqualified person became president and thought the job was nothing but ego-inflating performance art, it would still be possible for that fraud to succeed if behind that charlatan there was a crackerjack staff capable of day-to-day governance.

Unfortunately, we have the Trump administration, where bald-faced lies told from the podium are standard operating procedure, and the staff, such that it is, have shown no ability yet to carry out the responsibilities of the executive branch. Worse yet, the commander in chief doesn't care that his political capital here at home and currency as the leader of the free world abroad are eroded every time he puts on a show like today's.

And he doesn't care one bit, because he knows the Beltway Republicans will never lift a finger to stop this train wreck.

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Tuesday :: Feb 14, 2017

Trump's Team Knowingly Lied About Flynn

by Deacon Blues

After seeing the developments surrounding former NSA Michael Flynn these last several days, the following needs to be said. First, for an alleged intelligence pro like Flynn to not assume that key Russian officials weren’t being monitored by our intelligence community, and therefore endangering Flynn himself in any contacts with them is a sign that Flynn is as dumb as a pile of bricks. Yet Donald Trump thought he was the best candidate to be his NSA, and enabled him to lie, and worse yet, kept his vice president in the dark because Justice and the intelligence community advised the White House Counsel of their concerns, and not the vice president's Counsel.

Second, the Justice Department and the FBI have known for a while that Flynn and by connection Trump were compromised by their contacts with Putin’s team, yet James Comey sunk Hillary’s candidacy anyway. We now know that the Justice Department has known that Flynn committed a Logan Act violation for weeks and told the White House about this, yet Trump and his team have lied to the country all along. That implicates the president.

Third, GOP House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes of California is just as stupid as Flynn if he can’t understand why Flynn was caught up in surveillance of Russian officials.

Lastly, given the leaks to the Post and the NYT, it can now be assumed that the FBI has seen something so troubling in the intelligence intercepts that they are now gunning for the administration regardless of what they did to help Trump prior to the election. Too little, too late.

And while Trump is distracted with his own self-inflicted wounds and compromises, his friend Vladimir is cheating on arms control agreements, making a mockery of Trump's knee-padding of Putin.

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Friday :: Feb 10, 2017

Stop Being a Baby

by Deacon Blues

With the leader of the free world acting like a child, it's important to remember that:

1. Most of Trump's core supporters actually want a dictator running the country, as long as they are not themselves hurt by it;
2. Trump is his own worst enemy, with no interest in actual governing;
3. His hand-picked staff are ill-equipped to lead a government and believe chaos gives them power;
4. It is Trump himself who is making the country less safe, and not the courts.

If Trump truly cared about making the country safe and wasn't so invested in manipulating fear to maintain power, his administration would rewrite the executive order now and re-issue it immediately along the lines of what the courts have said. It's a relatively simple fix.

But that assumes that Trump actually cares about security, when in fact all he cares about is Trump.

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